Traeger Grills and Accessories

  • COM200-THUMB

    Large Commercial Trailer

    You can build an entire profitable business around this wise investment in your food service operation!

  • COM190-THUMB

    Double Commercial Trailer

    The same features as the BBQ150 times two, plus a handy cargo box.


    Lil’ Pig

    Is it “Art Deco” or is it a barbecue? You decide, because our Lil’ Pig smokes and cooks just like any other Traeger grill.

  • Select - From Traeger


    This new model features 418 square inches of cooking space, an internal hopper that holds 15 pounds of pellets, caster wheels and storage space beneath the grill. This grill does it all with style!

  • BBQ150-THUMB

    Traeger XL

    The XL’s commercial grade dual firepot design provides exceptionally balanced heat inside the large cooking chamber.


    Lil’ Tex Elite

    This model is sure to set the barbecue world on fire!

  • BBQ075- THUMB

    Texas Grill

    Forget fire tending and temperature control problems. This unit automatically augers wood pellets to accurately provide the exact temperature you set.

  • BBQ155_white bronzelidweb

    Junior Elite

    Perfectly sized for small households or tailgating!

  • ptgweb

    Portable Traeger Grill

    The PTG, our new portable Traeger!